Will you supply final design files or assets for me to own and use?

Yes, we can!

Prior to creating anything, we'd love to know how you'll be using your design in the future. If you'd like access to the raw Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop files so that you can make modifications to the design in the future, please let us know so we can account for this in our pricing and outline it as a deliverable in our scope of work. 

In some instances, our clients prefer us to recreate their design in Canva so that it's more user friendly for them, and we can do that too. We don't want you to feel restricted, but we also want to make sure that, if we are creating files for you to use and edit in the future, that they are designed with that purpose in mind.

If you're working with us on your visual identity, your logo suite will include CMYK, RGB and PMS colour versions, positive and negative versions for using on light and dark backgrounds, and .EPS, .PNG, and .JPEG file types. Where relevant, your logo may also include other variants, such as standalone icon marks, or logo orientation variations.

If we purchase or create any assets for use on your website (fonts, stock images) these will be added to your website, but the files will also be shared with you once we've finalised your project.

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