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The life-changing magic of being unremarkable & unprofitable

On the day we launched Baker Creative we were pretty chuffed with ourselves. We had spent a lot of time on our marketing materials. They sounded great. They looked beautiful too. 

We didn't realise it at the time, but they were also instantly forgettable.

If you visited our website back then, find a brand that seemed uncertain & confused about who they were. We couldn't tell you with confidence why our business existed (beyond paying the rent) or what the value of our services were. We were offering just about any service that our customers asked for, at a price that barely covered the bills, and we definitely weren't communicating anything about ourselves that was different from any of our competitors. 

While we had passion, grit and determination in spades, we were severely lacking in clarity in our business direction.

Without this clarity, we created a brand that looked and sounded just like every other agency. We didn't want to buck the trend, or be too different, because we were afraid to fail. We thought, 'it's working for other agencies' this must be what customers want to see and hear. 

This wouldn't have mattered if we were rolling in cash. But, instead, we were attracting customers who didn't value our work. They didn't care that our work was high quality or that we're great at what we do, they just wanted the best price. 

We were unremarkable and unprofitable, and it felt like we were working overtime and getting nowhere. 

While people will tell you to follow your dreams, or that anything is possible, the unsexy reality of business ownership is, that even if you work the hardest or are the best at what you do, sadly it's not a guaranteed ticket to a 4 hour workweek or your own private island.

Many people launch straight into marketing their business with gusto— running facebook ads, blogging, email marketing, getting published in major publications. All of this is amazing and necessary, but you can spend a pretty penny getting traffic to your website, and it doesn't necessarily mean that traffic will convert into paying customers. We know this first hand.

It is so damn crowded out there. Competition can be fierce. For your marketing to actually connect and convert, you need be able to tell people why and how your business is different from others in your industry. You need to be able to communicate what you do, why you do it and who you do it for. You need to be able to explain with conviction why what you do is worthwhile and valuable to your customers.

When you can clearly and consistently communicate your distinctive value to the right people, you can cultivate trust, create authentic connections, build a memorable brand and set the foundation for a resilient, profitable business.


Chapter Overview

Why do you exist?

You'll learn how to define what success looks like to you, and why every successful business has a vision and purpose. We'll also share how having this clear direction can be used to build a loyal following. Then, we'll walk you through how to create your very own purpose & vision statements.

Who are your people?

You'll learn why choosing the right audience is critical to your success and why most businesses fail to identify their ideal customer in enough detail. Then, we'll show you how to choose the right customers for your business and build persona profiles that you'll actually use.

What do you do?

We share why being a generalist increases your competition, limits your earning potential and makes it harder for you to own a place in your customers' mind. This chapter will help you to get clear and specific about what you want to be known for, so you can eliminate offerings that aren't profitable or valuable.

How do you do it?

More importantly, how do you do it differently? Here you'll learn why most businesses fail to communicate their difference, and why you should be trying to repel your non-ideal customers. Our exercises will help you to identify memorable, differentiating brand values.

Articulate your value

You may know why your brand is valuable, but can you clearly communicate this value to the world? In this chapter, you're going to create a value proposition statement that will help you to articulate your value, as well as a brand positioning statement to guide the people you work with.

Putting it all together

You've put in the hard yards, but it's all for nought is you don't remember and actively use what you've learnt. Here, you'll complete your brand blueprint— a one page snapshot of your brand positioning strategy that will help you to maintain your brand consistency even as you grow.

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Invaluable is the right fit for you if...

You're in the early stages of your business, and feel like you're struggling to cut through the noise in your industry.

You feel a little bit hazy about the value you offer your customers, or haven't really given it much thought at all.

You aren't really sure who your best customers are, or your audience definition is very broad.

You can't clearly and concisely state how you are genuinely different from the thousands of other businesses just like yours.

You're ready to do the work to get clarity around your business direction and build a memorable brand.

Invaluable is not the right fit for you if...

If you're feeling really comfortable about your brand direction and messaging.

You're expecting a magic formula for success.

You don't have your business idea yet (unfortunately this book doesn't help with business idea generation)

You're expecting answers without thinking or working through the exercises with grit and perseverence.

"Invaluable really has been 'invaluable' to me and I'm ready to take the plunge and kick-start marketing to my target audience... more

"I've been reading your articles for a little while now and have always found them very informative and easy to read, so when I needed help with branding and marketing for my new small business, my first step was to buy Invaluable.  So much value for so little money and it's delivered in your casual, conversational but professional style which I love! 

Invaluable is jam-packed with information and exercises designed to help you get absolute clarity on your business and ideal customers, so you can develop your brand and focus your marketing to the right audience.  Invaluable really has been 'invaluable' to me and I'm ready to take the plunge and kick-start marketing to my target audience.  Thanks so much guys, I'm really looking forward to working with you on my future plans!"

Elese Clissold, Elesium Interior Design

Why we created Invaluable

When we realised we weren't the business savants we hoped to be, we got a nice dose of reality. We had a lot to learn. 

So we started searching for information—we read books and blogs, listened to podcasts and audiobooks and asked our successful business owner friends for advice.

Using this information, we redefined our own brand. Because what we had learnt came from various sources (including our own trial and error), and there were few practical exercises available that we liked, we decided to create our own exercises and process to share with our clients.

These resources used to be only available to those who'd paid to work with us on their branding, but we've decided to package them up and offer a DIY solution for entrepreneurs like you, because it's the kind of resource that would have saved us a whole lot of time, money and stress when we were starting out.

Are you ready to do this? Get your copy of Invaluable.

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Bonus Workbook

For those who love trying out what they've learnt, our BONUS workbook is designed to make everything you learn in Invaluable completely actionable, so you can walk away with a solid brand foundation.


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