Free Resources

We're on a mission to help you to gain confidence and clarity in your brand message, visuals and website, so we created these free resources for you to help you get started.


The Ultimate Brand Checklist

This step-by-step checklist not only helps to direct your branding efforts, but also gives you actionable steps to help you to address areas that need a bit of TLC.


Website Planner

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to planning your website? You’re not alone. Planning is so important to make sure you hire the right designer, use the right platform and build a high performing website. That’s why we created our website planner. It breaks down the features, pages and integrations you might need on your website, so you know exactly what you want and need, before you spend a cent.


Website Health Check

Don't let your success be stagnated by a website that’s confusing, inconsistent or unprofessional. This step-by-step health check will help you to diagnose areas of your website that need some lovin' so you know exactly where to focus your attention.