Our Story

The tale of two stubborn millennials who decided that if the business they wanted to work for didn't exist, they'd build it.

It was a desire to help businesses elevate their marketing efforts that drove us to transform Kane’s freelance graphic and web design hustle into full time business.

Our time as both customers and staff of design agencies had sparked a vision for a studio that did things differently. But, without clarity in our direction and vision, and so afraid of failing if we bucked the norm, we ended up looking and sounding just like every other agency. 

It wasn’t until our sales were flatlining that we got a true kick up the ass to make some big changes in our business. So, we went back to the drawing board, consuming countless books and courses to help redefine our brand and understand our strengths as business owners. We swallowed our egos, pushed aside our degrees and re-learnt modern marketing. We asked our customers for feedback. We identified our ideal customers, purpose, vision and offerings. We got clear about the type of business we wanted to build. 

We stopped trying to be everything to everyone and more importantly, stopped trying to be like our competitors.

This process meant re-thinking how we could deliver our services so we could include more of the things our ideal customers valued (like amazing support, fast turnarounds and easy to use software), while keeping our prices affordable and accessible.

Well meaning people along the way have suggested that we're offering the wrong services, that we shouldn't be in business as a couple, that we should be marketing our business differently, that we’re too young, too casual, or that we’re going after the wrong customers. But, instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing, our goal has become listening to and delivering real value to our ideal customers, and doing it in a way that feels most authentic to us.

So, here's the deal. We can help craft your visuals, online presence and words to make you look and sound like a million bucks.

But, to be truly effective in helping you to connect with your audience authentically, we need you need to be armed with a bigger brand and business vision. We need you to have clarity about what you are trying to achieve.

We’d be liars if we said we had business all figured out, we are still learning every single day. But, here’s what we do know—the struggle we went through in finding our own identity has given us the tools and experience to help people like you to build your own authentic brand.

We’ve made it our mission to make branding and marketing simple, understandable and accessible for small businesses, so you can make informed marketing decisions, capitalise on your strengths and take action to build a profitable, impactful brand— your way.

Whether this looks like hiring the right support team, working with us to create a cohesive look or DIYing your web design, we want to meet you where you are, and provide the guidance, tools and information you need to streamline your efforts, maximise your time and kick your biggest goals.

Go get ‘em,