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Accelerate Social Impact Consulting provides practical and accessible strategy, planning and public policy advice to not-for-profits and social enterprises. We helped their emerging business start off on the right foot with brand design, web design and collateral design.

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Accelerate Social

Brand Discovery

Accelerate's approach firmly supports their vision of a world where every person and organisation has the capacity and resources to engage in meaningful, community-minded work. From their pricing to systems, everything they do is in aid of their bigger goal to encourage more participation in work that has a positive social impact.

Working with Accelerate's owner Anna, we were able to refine their brand difference— outlining 3 main areas of simplicity, transparency, and accessibility. Their goal is to remove the red tape and formality traditionally associated with consultancies, offering upfront pricing and service information. They also offer flexibility in how services are delivered and packaged to increase accessibility.


Our goal with the visual identity was to communicate Accelerate's brand difference and create visuals that connected with the not-for-profits and social enterprises they work with.

The resulting logo is comprised of both a logotype and icon mark that can be separated or used together depending on the usage situation. The rounded edges of the icon and letters, in combination with the splash of bright colours, offers an inclusive, approachable look and feel. This playfulness was toned back by using navy and adding sharp edges to the 'a' 'l, 'r' and 't' to achieve a well rounded, professional logo.


Colours & Typography 

The typefaces we chose were modern, simple and friendly, using sans serifs Futura and Montserrat. We highlighted the vibrancy and accessibility of Accelerate's brand through colour—magenta, gold and aqua were used sparingly to add interest, while navy, white and cool grey were used for the heavy lifting.

Imagery & Iconography

Light, airy imagery with neutral tones were selected, with hints of the brand colour palette (gold, magenta, teal and navy). Big windows, plants, and light wooden furniture and fittings all feature.

We illustrated a set of custom primary icons that represent their core services and customised a set of simple, secondary icons to use across branded collateral.

Brand Collateral

Accelerate needed some core pieces of brand collateral produced, including a PowerPoint template, MS Word report template, business cards and email signature design.


Style Guidelines

As Accelerate grows, they will be able to craft their own branded materials using their comprehensive style guidelines. We understand that it's not always feasible for us to create collateral or promotional materials, so whether they're DIYing or working with a designer, their brand will always look consistent.

Website & Email Marketing

We worked with Accelerate to map out how customers would interact and use their website, so that they could use it as both a capability statement and a lead generation tool. We designed a lead magnet for building their email list, setup Autopilot email marketing software to help automate this process, and wrote their SEO-friendly website copy to communicate who Accelerate are, why they are valuable, and how they are unique.


The Solution

It was our pleasure working with Accelerate on this project. As a new business, they understood the value and role of having a strong brand with a clear message, and we were excited to bring their vision to life through their visuals, copy, website and brand collateral.

Baker Creative were easy to communicate with, listened to what we wanted & delivered on time. Would definitely recommend.
Severin Lovric
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