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Bluebox's suite of intranet, CRM and document management solutions give teams the power to automate, control and streamline their everyday tasks. We worked with the Bluebox team to update their visual identity and develop a landing page for ongoing advertising campaigns.

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Bluebox wanted to build and refine their brand, reach new clients and expand their business. While they have incredible clientele, professionalism, expertise and high quality products, their marketing materials weren't communicating the value and results they deliver. The Bluebox staff were in need of effective promotional materials and a clear strategy to help in selling their products and services and attracting qualified leads.

Visual identity

Before we created any new visuals, we evaluated Bluebox’s brand as a whole, to discover what customers were seeing and hearing when they interacted with the business and their products. From there, we refreshed Bluebox's visual identity, identifying colours, imagery, fonts and graphics that would represent the brand they wanted to build. These elements were then used across their product's user interface, business cards and other promotional materials.

Landing page

Bluebox's new landing pages were optimised for conversions so that we could drive their advertising dollars further. The main goal was to encourage visitors to make contact with the Bluebox team—whether that was through a contact form, email, phone call or booking a demonstration. The landing page included the new branded visual elements and was structured with clear calls to action throughout the site. We also injected visuals of their product, custom diagrams and value-based copy. 

Combined, the new design, copy and structure helps to move beyond feature lists and technical specifications, getting to the heart of what their solutions do for teams. Since its launch, Bluebox has landed several new projects and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from landing page enquires.

An ongoing relationship

The Bluebox brand has come a long way, but there is still much more to come. We are continuing to collaborate with Bluebox to refine their promotional collateral and online presence. This will set them up to engage their customers through a combination of advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and more over the coming years.

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