Making investing easier for everyday Australians

Cache makes it easier to save for holidays, dream homes or new cars, all by automating and simplifying how we invest our money.

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Visual Identity
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The challenge

Cache supports customers to gain real returns from their savings, with instant access to their money if and when they need it.

As a startup, Cache needed a professional look and feel behind them to first garner interest from investors, then to build consumer trust and encourage adoption. At the same time it was important that they are able to differentiate themselves from the big banks who, despite their claims, rarely seem to put their customers first.

The process

We began by learning more about Cache, their customers and the brand they were hoping to build through our brand discovery process. This helped us to identify core themes and points of difference in their business that we could communicate visually.

Next, we confirmed their preferred visual direction with inspiration moodboards before moving forward with their logo concepts. Once the team chose their favourite option, we set to work exploring their accompanying fonts, colours and graphical elements and applying it to their brand stationery. 

Finally, we created their visual brand guidelines so that they can maintain the consistency of their brand as they grow.

The solution

The final icon mark is a fun take on the letter 'C', but also depicts an infinite loop which represents continuous growth of investment as well as a simplified person, indicative of Cache’s customer-centric brand. We chose a rounded, friendly, humanist typeface for the wordmark, which can be used together with the icon mark or independently.

Cache's brand is technology driven, customer focused and built around the idea of accessibility and simplicity. These elements are carried throughout all of their brand visuals— from their simple colour palette, to modern brand environments and candid models used in their collateral—Cache's brand epitomises a new generation of financial institution.

Within a week, I was sent the first iteration of designs (which included custom iconography I might add!) and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the work. The only thing better than the quality of the initial designs was the finished product - which was delivered on time, within budget and required close to no rounds of changes. In addition to the quality of the work which was produced, I found the whole process of dealing with Baker Creative extremely painless and professional. I’d highly recommend Baker Creative to anyone looking for an amazing level of customer service, attention to detail, and above all else, an extremely professional, high quality product. I look forward to working with Baker Creative in the future.

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