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Corridors Group specialises in the education of young people who find themselves excluded from mainstream education. Their visual identity was no longer representative of their brand, vision, students and values, so we helped them to modernise and update their look.

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Brand Discovery

First, we wanted to understand Corridors’ difference, their goals for re-branding and what they wanted to communicate through their visuals. Our brand discovery uncovered a focus on individualising education, providing support in more than an academic capacity, and educating the whole person. The main concern with their existing brand was that it was no longer relevant to the students and potential students who they work with.

With a broader goal in place to increase awareness, understanding and education around Corridors’ capabilities and ethos, it was essential that they could visually tell their story in a clear and simple way. Corridors Group is made up of three sub-brands—Corridors College, Corridors Welfare and Corridors Training and the new identity needed to represent each facet of the school.

Colours, Type & Imagery

Celebrating individuality is a defining value of Corridors Group so we explored this with a loose, modern take on a fingerprint.

We steered away from traditional colours and symbols as many students at the College have had negative experiences with mainstream education. Instead, we opted for a brighter, more inclusive colour palette of aqua, gold and purple.

We also used these colours to easily differentiate each arm of the college across promotional materials. The colour differentiation also allows the logos to be used independently of the primary logo, where appropriate.



The final logo is modern, versatile and representative of Corridors’ unique educational approach and simply represents the vast scope of services they deliver to young people in WA.

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