Building a visual identity for the disruptors of a traditional industry

Crisp Financial Services offers advisory and planning services to people looking to build & protect their financial wellbeing. They came to us to craft a new visual identity for their emerging business that would resonate with their audience and communicate their brand message.

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Crisp Financial

Brand Discovery

We began by discovering more about their business and the brand they were hoping to build. Crisp wanted their customers to know that they are knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional—the cornerstones of any company dealing with money. They also wanted their potential customers to know that their approach to financial planning was not traditional, but modern, inclusive, accessible and personable.  

Logo & Colours

The visual identity needed to strike a balance between professional and modern. We used refined, sans serif lowercase letterforms with angled edges to create a sharp and clean feel. The tittle over the ‘i’ adds a point of interest which will be carried through other promotional materials to link the visual identity together. We chose a cool colour palette featuring bright & fresh blue and aqua. These colours have universal appeal amongst both men and women, and evoke calm and trust.



The resulting logo design and visual guidelines will help to establish a unique look and feel for Crisp as it carves its niche in the market. It is relevant, professional, yet accessible and can be easily applied across a range of promotional pieces.

Baker Creative were easy to communicate with, listened to what we wanted & delivered on time. Would definitely recommend.
Severin Lovric
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