Taking an iconic local brand into the digital world

Dental Prosthetist Brett Hancock has been crafting dentures and mouthguards for almost 30 years. He has built 2 popular clinics in Nowra & Milton, located on the south coast of NSW. Well known by locals in the area, their team of 3 creates prosthetics for clients of all ages.

Visual Identity Design
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Hancock Denture Clinc

Brand Discovery

Brett and Anne operate in regional NSW, so they have a vast area to cover in reaching their audience. Traditionally, they had used radio and newspaper advertising to promote Hancock Denture Clinic.  More recently they had noticed that the children and grandchildren of their clients were involved in making a decision about which denture clinic to choose. These groups are more likely to use online searches to make their decision. 

While Hancock Denture Clinic has profiles on third-party sites such as Yellow Pages and True Local, they did not have their own space online to promote themselves. Brett and Anne wanted to invest in their brand for the future, so that their business would remain relevant and accessible to all potential clients and their families.

While their smiling mouth icon was dated, it was also synonymous with their brand, so our goal was not to remove the icon, but to modernise it.


Visual Identity

We began with a logo refresh, taking the clean blues from the original logo and introducing a vibrant orange to replace the yellow in the original design. We modernised the ‘smiling mouth’ icon and chose a serif for the typeface to inject a dose of authority and professionalism.

Web Design

Following the logo refresh, we designed a user-friendly, responsive website for Hancock Denture Clinic. The goal of the website was to encourage visitors to contact the team and book a free consultation, so we included several calls to action on the website to ensure this process was as easy as possible. 

We wanted the website to place a focus on their high quality, as well as their hands-on, friendly approach. It needed to look and sound professional, without being clinical and cold, which is the case with some other medical and dentistry websites. To avoid this, we employed a careful selection of brand colours and chose imagery that was both candid and warm. 


SEO & Copywriting

The website copy was written to be engaging, friendly and informative, a reflection of the Hancock Denture Clinic brand. The copy on the site allows visitors to get to know and understand the staff, services and history of the Clinic, establishing their business as a provider of choice in the area. It was important for Brett and Anne to be visible in search engines for queries relating to their services, so we ensured their website pages and content were optimised for search engines.


The Results

Being visible in local search results is essential for small businesses. We were excited to see Hancock Denture Clinic's website ranking on the first page in Google for key search terms such as 'dentures milton'. 

As their audience evolves, having a digital presence has become crucial, and it was our pleasure to partner with Brett and Anne to help their modernise their brand and marketing collateral.

"We're at the top of search engine results pages and our website looks beautiful and professional. We couldn't ask for better service & results."
Anne Hancock
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