A bold look for a new generation yoga label

Cheeky and youthful, Hatha Tribe is a label focused on providing millennials with quality yoga gear at an accessible price point. Designed to connect with a design-conscious audience and stand out in a highly competitive market, their new identity is playful, bold and modern.

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Hatha Tribe

Brand discovery

After struggling to find a yoga towel that didn’t look feminine, and that wasn’t priced out of his budget, Ryan saw a gap in the market. The Hatha Tribe brand was conceived as a community-oriented label that would appeal to both genders and offer a simple, affordable option for students.

When Ryan contacted us, he had already developed some logo concepts via crowdsourced websites, but wasn’t happy with the options produced. With a design conscious audience, he knew that he needed to create an identity that looked polished and professional.

He explained his vision for Hatha Tribe— it was cheeky, fun, bold and modern. He wanted it to have a masculine edge, but still wanted to have unisex appeal. He also didn’t want to plaster his brand name over his gear, so we chatted about creating an icon mark that could uniquely represent Hatha Tribe on merchandise.

Visual Identity

After sourcing inspiration and discussing the use of an animal symbol to represent the brand, we arrived at the final logo and icon mark. We kept the illustration style organic and loose, drawing inspiration from tribal drawings and showing the monkey with bending limbs and poking tongue to reflect the cheeky and playful brand personality.

Next, we chose a bold typeface for headings and a modern sans serif for body copy, before identifying colour and photography styles to complete the visual system for Hatha Tribe.


The final solution is modern, edgy, vibrant, youthful and undoubtedly distinctive. Now that he has a complete visual system, Ryan can create the rest of his brand collateral with the high-aesthetic look and feel his customers are searching for and launch with confidence.

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