A luxe website for a boutique hilltop resort

Hidden Hills Villas is a luxury boutique villa resort in Uluwatu Bali. We together to build a new website that communicated the quality, seclusion and luxury experiences they're known for.

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Hidden Hills Villas


When Max and his mum, Beatrice opened the doors to Hidden Hills back in 2015, they set out to to create a series of luxury private villas that felt like a home away from home. Each one has been meticulously styled to represent a unique location around the world and offers complete seclusion and privacy.

As many entrepreneurs do when first establishing their business, they built their own website based on a Wordpress template. After speaking with Max, we knew he was passionate about offering his customers the best experiences, however, his website wasn’t effectively communicating the that luxe holiday experience.

He felt restricted in what he could update himself on his website. There were some pages he no longer needed and others that he wanted to restructure, but his team was limited in the changes they could make without coding knowledge.

Based on our conversations, together we determined that Hidden Hills needed—

  • A refreshed website look and feel that felt luxe, relaxing and unique.
  • A website that the team could easily use and update themselves. They needed our help in setting the foundation, but they would be managing marketing for their business themselves.
  • Assistance in optimising their website for search engines by optimising their on-page content and creating a cleaner website structure.

Website Design

Our main goal for the website was to encourage more online bookings directly through the Hidden Hills website. This meant that the villa pages needed to be comprehensive and easy to navigate for users, with clear calls to action.  

We achieved this by—

  • Colour coding villas based on their style
  • Adding multiple call to action buttons
  • Adding a panel for each villa so users can quickly view room highlights
  • Adding filtering options based on number of bedrooms
  • Presenting amenities in an easy to read list with icons for quick skimming

Behind the Scenes

We built the Hidden Hills Villas website in Webflow to make editing text and imagery really easy and take advantage of their automatic backups and all in one hosting. Because we're able to work faster building in Webflow, we were also able to keep costs lower by using Webflow for this project and any future updates.

In the back end of the website, we set up dynamic collections for villa pages, highlights, blog posts, and testimonials to make adding new content and managing existing content fast and simple.

We also added integrations with Mailchimp for building their email list, and instagram so their website shows their latest social posts. Finally, we connected their website to their preferred booking system to make it easy for them to collect bookings online.

The Results

The Hidden Hills team have enjoyed how easy Webflow has been to use in making updates and Webflow's Designer has given them the flexibility to take full control of their website. With a definitive increase in bookings since the launch and improvement in their search engine results page rankings, the Hidden Hills team were thrilled about the website refresh and its impact on their business.

"I can’t emphasise how happy I am. In the name of the whole Hidden Hills Team, my wife and I, I want to say thank you for your amazing work."
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