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New Model Growth (NMG) is a marketing consultancy that works with businesses on their strategy fundamentals—all with the goal of growth. We worked with NMG to create a visual identity that communicated their value and website that would serve as a lead generation tool.

Visual Identity Design
Website Design
SEO Setup
Logo Suite
Visual Guidelines
Brand Stationery
New Model Growth

Brand Discovery

Beginning with discovery, we worked through a number of exercises to understand the vision and goals for the company, including their ideal clients and points of difference. We wanted to understand what kind of brand they were building and how they planned to stand out in a saturated market.  

From there, we created visual mood boards to understand NMG's preferences for visual look and feel. We considered their preferences, what would resonate with their ideal customer and the styles that would best communicate their brand values.


The chosen concept is clean, minimalist and sophisticated. Its simplicity gives it versatility, but is also reflective of the brand, which is centred around a straightforward approach to marketing.


Colours, Type & Imagery

Wanting to avoid generic stock photos, we worked with Jessica Wyld to capture custom photography for the New Model Growth website. From the typefaces and colours, to the photography and custom iconography, we developed a look and feel for New Model Growth that is sophisticated, modern and masculine.


Style Guidelines

New Model Growth team is built from specialists from around the globe on a project-by-project basis. As they would be working with a range of freelancers, we suggested investing in a comprehensive style guide that could be given to any team member, helping to maintain brand consistency over time.  

Website & Email Marketing

For the New Model Growth website, we wanted to place a focus on lead generation, with clear calls to action for NMG to be able to build their email list and educate leads with the intent of obtaining sales.

We connected their preferred email marketing platform, designed branded free resources and set up an online diagnostic tool for their website visitors to understand which areas of marketing they might need support with.



The final visual identity and website for New Model Growth is sophisticated, simple and modern. Their team have access to a comprehensive style guide outlining colours, typography, layouts photography and iconography, so they don’t have to think about design decisions when creating any new resources or documents internally and can work with a production designer to create new promotional materials as needed.  

While their website looks beautiful, we certainly didn’t compromise on functionality, with their marketing funnel integrating seamlessly with the new website.

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