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Seventwenty is a consultancy that aims to improve the overall effectiveness of businesses by tapping into new and existing talent pools. We worked with Seventwenty to create a new custom website that aligned with their future brand direction and business goals.

Website Design
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Brand Discovery

We began with brand discovery as we wanted to understand Seventwenty's business goals, vision and brand in depth. 

During discovery, we noted that they felt their current website no longer aligned with their brand and future direction. While their business was focused on streamlining business processes, improving effectiveness and delivering innovative solutions, their website felt unnecessarily complex and lacking in creativity. The layout and design had dated and they didn't have the power to make the changes they required by themselves. In essence, it wasn't a website they were proud to share with their clients, many who are in the creative industries.

So, we set out to build a website that visually aligned with their brand, offered an exceptional user experience and allowed them to streamline their internal processes.

From there, we created visual mood boards and wireframes to understand Seventwenty's preferences for look, feel and flow. We considered their preferences, what would resonate with their ideal customer and the styles that would best communicate the brand experience they were hoping to achieve.

Website Design

Seventwenty's website vision was one that was unique, modern, minimal and intutive.

We achieved this look and feel by simplifying their navigation, creating a spacious, flowing design, seamless transitions and creating graphical elements with clean shapes and lines. The looping video, which represents their commitment to streamlining business processes, improving communication and connecting agencies to the right talent, was custom built to add a memorable and modern feel to the design.

Their customers fall into two pools— the agencies that they work with, and the job seekers who would like to be considered for job openings within these agencies. They wanted to make it easy for both of these groups to engage with them. We created forms with a conversational style that allowed users to upload their resumes or make an enquiry. We also integrated the service they use for job listings, Job Adder, with their website, allowing them to post their most recent vacancies to their website, while keeping their brand styles, fonts and colours intact.

The Results

The final website for Seventwenty is modern, innovative and unique. After years of using a template website design with limited customisability, they now have a website that is fully editable, unique and representative of both their brand and the agencies they represent.

"My favourite part of working with Baker Creative was their commitment to getting the best outcomes for us."
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By McKenzie