How do you spread love and appreciation?

Thank You Box provides unique and thoughtful gifts that trump the boring bottle of wine or box of Favourites. They curate gift boxes filled with Australian-made goodies, designed to spread appreciation to the people in our lives that matter most.

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Thank You Box


Thank You Box (TYB) wanted to create a brand identity that was timeless and sophisticated with a hint of luxury. The brand is about more than the products, rather the special, emotive experience of receiving a beautiful curated gift from someone, so every brand interaction, from their packaging to their logo, needs to be polished and professional.


We presented two directions—a hand lettering solution that was elegant, warm and personable, and a second serif type solution and icon that was timeless, sophisticated and luxurious. Moving ahead with the serif brand option, the Thank You Box visual identity captures the special experience and uniqueness that underpins the brand. 

Baker Creative's concepts were even better than what I had in my head. They were a pleasure to deal with & I'm ecstatic with the final product.
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