Surpassing the limitations of conventional lighting

Volatiles are ultra thin glass tiles that can be added to walls, ceilings & floors to create interactive art pieces & mesmerising light scenes. We developed a new website to represent the brand in Australia and support their marketing efforts with an easy to update website.

Website Design
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Volatiles Australia

The Challenge

From architects to builders, business owners to home owners, Volatiles are a perfect match for lovers of quality, innovation and beautiful design. Light Application, their exclusive Australian distributor, approached us to build a website that would help them to communicate Volatiles' features, and match the product's premium look and feel.

Having previously used WordPress for their content management system, Light Application were frustrated by its limitations and complex, unintuitive backend, and wanted to explore the possibility of using Webflow to manage the Volatiles Australia website. They also wanted the ability to easily add and update their photo galleries and edit copy as Volatiles grows worldwide.

The Solution

Polish is everything for a website like Volatiles. The difference in design is all in the details— from subtle transitions to the modular design, we wanted the website to be a true reflection of the product itself. While aiming for luxe and quality, we also wanted to highlight Volatiles' innovativeness—after all, the technology really is what sets it apart from anything else available on the market. For this reason, we chose iconography and typography that felt modern and streamlined.

The Volatiles website uses the Webflow content management system, which includes on-page editing to make updating their copy as easy as editing a Google doc. The website also makes use of collections for items that the Light Application team may wish to update frequently. This means adding new images to the gallery can be done in seconds, and adding a whole new showcase is as simple as filling in a quick 'form'. And, if they make a mistake, or accidentally delete something, all they have to do is restore one of the many autosaved backups.

Now that we've handed over the website to the team, they have full control over everything—from their hosting to the design. And if they need help, they've got access to the whole Webflow support crew, and us to point them in the right direction.

We love the final website look and feel and cannot wait to see Volatiles installed in more spaces across Australia.

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