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Complete this worksheet to —

  • Plan your core brand imagery styles, including mood, lighting, colours, props, locations and models
  • Create your photo requirements list for your entire website

Armed with the completed worksheet, you'll save time and effort by knowing exactly what you're searching for and how many photos you'll require, plus you'll have a place to save all the photo options you find.

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about the author

About the author

Hey! We're Kane & Lisa, the owners and team behind Baker Creative, a branding and web design studio based in sunny Perth, Australia.

We help creatives & online businesses to cut through the noise and feel confident in their brand by crafting stand out, conversion focused visual identities & websites.

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In the first month of my business I signed up to so many mailing lists that I fast became overwhelmed and unsubscribed from them all - except yours! I really appreciate the friend-over-a-coffee tone and genuine value in your emails.


I downloaded this before my Christmas break. It's been so helpful so far - thank you for creating it!