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This step-by-step checklist not only helps to direct your branding efforts, but also gives you actionable steps to help you to address areas that need a bit of TLC.

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Many businesses never 'make it'. And often, it's not because their offering is subpar. It's because they aren't able to stand out and attract loyal customers. They get by competing on price. They don't have the customer base to change tack when the market changes, or they waste money on marketing without a clear and compelling brand message.

A strong brand allows you to command the prices you want to charge, attract the right customers and gives you solid ground to build a loyal community. Branding is a complex, ongoing beast, and armed with this checklist, you're going to master it!

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about the author

About the author

Hey! We're Kane & Lisa, the owners and team behind Baker Creative, a branding and web design studio based in sunny Perth, Australia.

We help creatives & online businesses to cut through the noise and feel confident in their brand by crafting stand out, conversion focused visual identities & websites.

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