Features & Integrations

Looks are important, but so is functionality, and we don't think you should ever have to sacrifice one for the other. 


No Footer Credits

We don't include footer credits on our websites because this is your website, not ours! We hope that if someone asks you about who designed your website, you'll send them our way.

Cross Browser Tested

Our templates have been rigorously tested to ensure they work with the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Beautifully Responsive

No pinching and scrolling here. Each of our designs will work seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop because they automatically re-size to fit the viewer's device.

Custom Fonts

A font can completely change the look of a website. You can choose to keep the fonts already included in the template, use any Google font, upload your own purchased fonts or connect your Typekit account to get access to hundreds of beautiful font options.

Professionally Designed Marketing Websites

The same team that designs our custom websites also designs our template websites. Our aim is to provide template options that are creative and beautiful to look at, but also help you to achieve your biggest marketing goals.

Content Management & Editing

Completely Customisable

Webflow includes 2 modes to edit your website— Editor & Designer. If you want to edit copy, change images, add blogs, or portfolio items, you can use Editor mode. If you want to change up the design or layout, you have access to Designer mode and dozens of Webflow tutorials.

Multiple Collaborators

Once you've added CMS Hosting, you can invite multiple collaborators to the Editor, each with their own logins. They can edit copy and images, check form submissions and add collection items, without being able to change or edit the design or delete sections.

Backups & Versioning

Webflow automatically saves your work as you go, so you won't lose what you've been working on. If you make a mistake while editing or make a change you don't like, Webflow allows you to revert your website back to an older version.

On Page Editing

The Webflow Editor allows you to edit your content directly on the page, just as you would a Word doc. Add formatting, edit text, add hyperlinks, page links, change images and more in a simple, visual way.


Our support centre has lots of tutorials to help you get started with editing and updating your new website. If you want to advance your knowledge of Webflow, check out Webflow University, their active online forums or reach out to their friendly support team.


All webflow hosted websites are ISO 27018 compliant, which keeps both your information, and your customer's information safe and secure. If you wish, you can also password protect or lock pages of your website.


Inbuilt, Customisable Contact Forms

We've predesigned forms in all of our templates, which you can customise and change as you need to suit your business. Webflow's forms are native to their platform and you can create as many as you like. No external plugins required.

Add or Embed HTML Code

If you need to extend Webflow's functionality, you can copy and paste third-party code into a HTML embed field or easily add HTML code to the head or body HTML code without trawling through all your website's HTML files.


Webflow integrates natively with a number of third party applications, but it can also easily connect with automation software such as Zapier to speed up the workflow between your website and an even larger range of applications.

Analytics & Tracking

Knowing how many people are visiting your website, who's visiting and where they came from is crucial for your marketing efforts. You'll be able to easily add individual tracking codes to your website or install Tag Manager to keep things organised.


Inbuilt, Customisable Landing Pages

Our list builder templates include inbuilt landing pages so you can deliver gated resources, opt ins or lead magnets to your website visitors and grow your email list. Create as many as you like, with options for A/B testing, changing imagery, button colours and more.

Customisable, Powerful Blog

Our templates include a powerful, dynamic & customisable blog, so you can make the most of content marketing. Create and customise your own blog fields, categories and tags and encourage people to share with social sharing links. You can completely customise how your blog is formatted via a visual editor and embed video, images and other media into your blogs in a couple of clicks.

Social Media

In addition to share and follow buttons, we've added an instagram feed to our templates, and if you're a Pinterest fiend, you'll love that rich pins will be setup for you and you can upload a custom hidden image for Pinterest to every blog post. Heard of Linktree? Well now you have your own, branded, customisable version that you can add to your instagram bio.

Easy Email Marketing

Building an email list? You'll want to connect your favourite email marketing software to your new website. You can connect your favourite email marketing system like Mailchimp or Autopilot in a few clicks.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Open Graph

Open Graph (OG) is used by social networks to pull content from your website when a link is shared on their platform. You can use your meta titles and descriptions for Open graph, or you can define custom titles and descriptions for social sharing.

SSL (HTTPS) Certificate

Easily toggle on and activate your SSL certificate, which comes with your Webflow hosting. This keeps your site secure and follows best practices for better search engine rankings.

Custom 301 Redirects

If you decide to change a URL of a page, it's important to redirect the old link to the new one. This is called a 301 redirect and is important for your search engine rankings. Webflow allows you to add and manage all redirects in one location.

CDN Hosting

A CDN or Content Delivery Network loads your website from the closest geographical server to each website visitor. This ensures your website loads quickly anywhere in the world. Webflow's CDN is powered by Fastly and Amazon Cloudfront.

Super-fast Page Loads

Because Webflow doesn't use plugins, uses a content delivery network (CDN) and keeps its code clean and compliant, your website will load quickly, every time.

Meta Descriptions & Alt Text

You can quickly and easily add and edit meta descriptons (the short description that appears in search results) for every page on your website. You can also add alt text to every image you upload to optimise your pages for search engines.