Cut through the noise with
a clear, persuasive message
and consistent visual style.

Cut through
the noise

Be the brand your customers can't get enough of with a clear, persuasive message, consistent visual style and a website that sells.

How can we help?

If what you do matters, you deserve a stand out brand & website that sells your value.

Done for you

Perfect for when you need help defining your new look or building a website that sells. Together, we can design and build you a new, custom look and feel.

Hi there!

We're Kane and Lisa. We’d love to help you sell with simplicity and authenticity.

Imagine meeting your dream customer sporting your daggy PJs and broccoli in your teeth.

Without a clear message, professional identity and intuitive website, that’s not a far stretch from how you’re showing up online.

But, despite the broccoli teeth, we're guessing your business has an amazing, helpful offer. The kind that more people need to know about. That’s why we’re on a mission to help you get seen and heard above the roar.  

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I want to...
Design Template
Customisable Style Guide
How to find and curate eye-catching website photos
How to plan for a rebrand
Done For You
Visual Identity Design
Copy That Converts
Invaluable: Brand Strategy
The simple hack that's guaranteed to strengthen your sales message
Want people to pay attention? Do this.
What’s sticky and stands out?
Copy That Converts
How to Identify & Attract Your Ideal Customers
How to Plan Your Website Like a Pro
Free Resource
Website Planner

We're making plans to invest more in marketing now that we have the foundation right."

"Kane and Lisa produced work that is visually beautiful and has allowed us to move forward with a brand and website that effectively communicates our business, in a way that's not typically seen in the financial services industry. The whole team loves the new brand."

Sarina Shaw

Here Business & Wealth


I can't emphasise how happy I am. The site is absolutely fantastic."

"I can’t emphasise how happy I am. In the name of the whole Hidden Hills Team, from my wife and I, we wanted to say thank you for your amazing work. You two are one talented team. The site is absolutely fantastic and we are very happy with the outcome."

Max Loong

Hidden Hills Villas


I was feeling overwhelmed as to how or where to even start."

"I got quotes from other designers and thought about doing it myself. But, investing in my brand to me was really important. Lisa and Kane are incredible (understatement) and went above and beyond to help me come up with an amazing website and nailed my branding. I am super proud of what we’ve created."

Emma McGeorge

The Pelvic Hub


I'm so much happier and feel in control of my brand now. It portrays me and what I do to a T."

Before working with Baker Creative I didn't know how to make things uniform - and look good. I was feeling unhappy with my visuals and didn’t have a clear direction. Now I'm attracting the right clients. Got a new enquiry right off of insta yesterday!

Ali Strachan