What kind of support can I expect once my project is complete?

We've been left in the lurch before by web designers who've fallen off the face of the Earth or have completely shut up shop. It's our aim to provide you with exceptional and timely customer support not only before and during your project, but after we've completed the project too. There's a few of ways we do this—

Response Times

First, we aim to answer any customer enquiries or support requests within 72 hours during business days, but often it's a lot sooner. 

Bug Fixes

If you encounter any website bugs or issues with the functionality of your website or project files after your project has been delivered, we'll happily fix them for you for free within our 14 day warranty period. This is provided the issue is within the scope of work we promised and the cause of the problem isn't related to custom design changes you have made yourself. We also can't make changes to an approved design if you simply change your mind. 

Basically, if it's our error, we're more than happy to fix it! And, even if it's not our error, we'll still do our best to help you or point you in the right direction. We can also help with website upgrades and improvements, if you need them.

Support Articles & Tutorials

We provide training videos and a handbook with all our websites so you can always refer back to those resources.

Wider Support Channels

We plan on keeping Baker Creative around for years to come, but just in case we get sucked into a vortex, we build all our websites using trusted platforms, like Webflow, so your website is hosted and supported by their growing team and community, not just ours.

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